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Pharmaceutical / Automotive / Curtain
We proudly produce for the sectors...

In the Automotive Sector...

We produce automobile plastic accessories, plastic parts for bicycle holders, vehicle exterior steps, technical visual and functional parts for the automotive industry.

In the pharmaceutical industry...

We mold and produce numerous products such as bottle caps, glasses, medical tools and equipment, plastic packaging materials for the pharmaceutical industry.

In the curtain industry...

In curtain accessories, we produce all plastic parts used in the mechanisms of roller blinds.

Our Activity Areas
Plastic Manufacturing

We manufacture high quality products in the production of plastic interior and exterior parts for the automotive industry.

Mold Production

Your designs are meticulously processed with new generation software, and the molds created by preparing the perfect sample after the prototype stage are presented to the customer.

Project Design

With the experience and technological software we have accumulated since 1987, the projects prepared in line with your wishes, after the molding and simulation phase, mold production is carried out with our high technology machinery and equipment.